Elon Musk And Amber Heard took to social media to make their new relationship public. hello were spotted sitting at a supper table together and Amber put her arm around Elon's shoulder. A kiss stamp was likewise unmistakable on the man's cheek, indicating at the way that they are a couple.

Despite the fact that they beforehand asserted to be simply companions, a source expressed that they have been dating for some time.

"While the two claim to have recently been companions and dating bits of gossip have been denied, they, indeed, have been impractically included," the insider clarified.

The source admitted that they were in fact companions a couple of years back when Amber was with Johnny Depp. Be that as it may, their dispassionate relationship transformed into affection while Amber was experiencing her troublesome separation from the performing artist.

"Elon is exceptionally mindful to Amber, which is something she searches for in an accomplice," the insider expressed.

Moreover, Amber's dad likewise as of late uncovered that his girl would love to get hitched.

"Golden and Elon are both intense about each other," included the man.

In any case, another insider asserted that they have no arrangements of strolling down the walkway, while another said Amber is simply having some good times until further notice.

The Tesla organizer and the on-screen character were first reputed to be seeing someone summer when they were seen in each other's organization a few times, regardless of whether in London or Miami.

Elon has likewise been through a separation from ex, Talulah Riley, which it was settled back in November of a year ago.

Mardi Gras- these two words have infinitely large explanations. These two words are different things for different people – an event, day, piece of history, million parades and unforgettable memories. It is synonymous with debauchery and hedonism, and has aim of ‘Let the good times roll’ (Laissez les bons temps rouler). Without any doubt, it is wildest party in US with booze, beads and many other things. With roots from Medieval Europe, today’s festivities are carefully planned and are combinations of parades, costumes, food, parties and fun. More than 1 million people flock to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. In 2017, the carnival season will begin from January 6 to February 28. But before that below given are interesting things to know about this festival:

1) Gold, Green and Purple pride
Many people know that purple, green and gold are colors of Mardi Gras, but where they came from? In 1872, Duke of Russia attended Mardi Gras and New Orleans held a reception in his honor. The Duke’s royal colors were gold, green and purple, and since then these colors became official hues of this yearly celebration. Gold represents power, Green symbolizes faith and purple signifies justice.

2) Masked Mayhem
Masks are major part of this annual festival, so important part that one who is not wearing can get arrested. This mask wearing was just started as ploy to conceal identities and get away with mischief, but nowadays it is law that all float riders must wear masks.

3) Elite Krewes
Not anyone can hop onto float during the carnival. Every year, krewes - groups of attendees, have to pay annual fees to ride floats in Mardi Gras. There are more than 50 krewes since late 1800s, and it is difficult to create a new krewe. The main thing is krewe registrations require at least 500 people and 14 floats to participate in parade.

4) Colorful King Cakes
The tradition of king cakes stems from strong Christian faith and celebration of three kings. Party planners and bakeries make delicious dessert from baked Danish dough and insert plastic baby in the cake before garnishing it with green, purple and gold toppings. If the person, who is attending King Cake party, receives slice with baby then he/she will have good luck all year and will be in charge of next party.

5) Sought-after shoes
Since early 1990s, beads have been most popular parade throws. But, nowadays, there is first all-female krewes – known as Krewe of Muses, which has distinct throw. This krewe designs hand-decorated shoes which are tossed out to the crowd as a treasure. These hand-made shoes are embellished with feathers, bells and glitter, which take few days to make.

6) Pancake Party
Mardi Gras is translated as ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French and is marked as last day before lent fasting. It encourages treating yourself with abundant drinks and food. In Ireland, United Kingdom and Australia, this day is celebrated as Pancake day and Christians eat plentiful of pancakes.

7) Why beads are thrown at Mardi Gras?
In 1880s, a man dressed as Santa Claus threw beads and got such fame that other krewes followed it. Nowadays, krewes buy plastic beads and threw at locals.

8) Weight of Revelry
It is estimated that more than 25 million pounds of items get thrown out from floats. Locals love to visit New Orleans and recycle beads for next year festivities.

More about Mardi Gras
The city shuts down for this carnival and preparations begun a week prior; even some events and parades start early than that. The oldest krewe in this event is Rex, which dates back to Civil War. This krewe is king of carnival and has epic regal floats with more than 2 dozen riders.

How to reach here?
As Mardi Gras has already begun, so you can make your Air Europa airlines flight reservations even at last minute to United States, and can attend this carnival celebration.

In today’s era, if any user is looking to convert DBX to PST format with their attachments than it can be simply done by using the DBX to PST Converter. It is an excellent move for users by which users can easily regain their Outdated email data of Outlook Express in Outlook by following the simple steps.

Technology has taken more importance in our life as it grows up day by day. Similarly, it happens for the email clients too, after an interval of time email application updated as per the demand of requirement. User’s like to work in their desired circumstances and therefore looking for the suitable email application for their work.

About DBX and PST File Format

As we know that Outlook Express is an outdated email application which was earlier supported by the older versions of Windows operating system. Outlook Express supports a DBX file format which is used to store the mailbox data of Outlook Express. Whereas, PST is a file format of Microsoft Outlook. PST file offered a complete solution for users by which they can easily get the complete email data of Outlook. It stores the email data such as email messages, attachments, notes, contacts and lots more.

Requirement of Converting DBX to PST Format

There are many reasons are occurred in front of users which forces user to convert their DBX files into PST format. Some of the main reasons are discussed below which shows the requirement for the conversion of DBX to PST format: -

  • Outlook is widely used email client which offers several advance features to user to store their email data.
  • If any user has a backup of important DBX files and want to access them in Outlook than it is a good option for them to convert DBX to PST format.
  • PST file easily supportable to any version of MS Outlook.
  • Storage of Outlook Express is limited i.e. 2GB, whereas Outlook offers a large storage to save the data.

Is There Any Manual Method Available to Export DBX to PST?

No, there is no manual method is available to export DBX files to PST format. It is impossible to get the complete conversion of DBX files to PST format by keeping all the data in their original structure. If any how it converts your DBX file to PST format, then it will also lead to the loss of data. So, if you are planning to choose manual method, then be careful about that. Most importantly it is a time consuming process which takes a lots of time to export DBX to PST format.

A Reliable Solution to Convert DBX to PST

It is always recommended to choose the trustworthy solution for exporting the Outlook Express to Outlook data. It is an efficient solution for users by which they can easily convert DBX to PST format by maintaining all the email properties. It facilitates a several advance features of the utility by which users can easily manage the conversion task.

Some of the prominent advance features of the utility are given below: -

  • It offers user to batch export DBX to PST file in a very short time.
  • Users are capable to convert complete data items of DBX files into PST format.
  • Easily maintains the folder hierarchy of the DBX files into PST format even after the file conversion.
  • Users can easily preview their DBX email data before the conversion process.
  • Supports all the version of Outlook Express and easily import to any version of MS Outlook.
  • It is a Windows supportable utility.
  • User-friendly application.

Conclusion :
DBX to PST Converter is the trustworthy solution for users which can efficiently export the complete data of DBX files to PST format. It is a quick, safe, and a reliable solution for users to convert DBX to PST format in their original structure in few simple steps.

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Shopping can be rewarding or it would be a craziness. It has been observed through a survey that many people are crazy for shopping even if there is no need of it in day-today life. Yeah, I understand that we always buy the stuff we require in our daily life. And some or the other time, we buy the stuff which neither we need nor we want it, not always knowing why? On asking a question to yourself will delve you into cultural, social and psychological aspects of how do I need to shop? And you would even believe that, ‘Why?’ doesn’t always makes any sense.

Um! Yes, there are many clever marketers who provide you many reasons to buy, but knowing your budget and at the end of the day no one is going to save your wallet-cash. So, to protect yourself from imprudent purchases you should be aware of the factors that are influencing you to buy for the seduced reasons.

A smarter way to shop for your requirements is by comparing the features and looking for some more deals and discounts being offered by the stores. Online Marketplace is the platform for thousands of many stores that has brought them online with their E-commerce online portals. It has been observed that, due to this common strategy the stores are facing competition to attract the customers. Not only they need to deal with the design, trend, quality and fashion but to display the product at the lowest price is also a big challenge to the branded stores. An easiest strategy, they follow is to provide the discounts and offers to attract as many as customers in terms to increase the footfall to their online store.

So, would you like to be a smart shopper?

Here are few steps, tips or the features you would love to follow and believe us it could save your wallet-cash in an efficient way.

  1. All you need to check now is for the product and its features considering the price offered by a particular brand.

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Well, Christmas is over and New Year has begun which keeps all of us busy thinking about resolutions for the upcoming year. Apart from making resolutions for physical fitness, mental well being and social reforms, we should also plan something for saving money in the coming year. This will help you manage your finances in a more organised way and you can easily keep a track of the gains and losses.

It is highly important to make some financial goals and follow them to get a good financial year for you and your family. The next question that should pop up in your mind is how to save more money or make concrete financial plans. Well, we have some expert opinions and advice that will help you in solving this question. Follow them to define your New Year resolutions so that you can make some good progress in maintaining the financial aspects of your life.

Find here, top tips to make money saving resolutions for 2017:

Consolidate your loans:
If you have more than one loan then it is a good idea to consolidate them so that you can pay one large premium that suffices the requirement of all the loans. In addition, this way you just have to maintain one account which makes it easy to make payments and to track the loans. If you are about to retire then it is all the more important that you think about consolidating all your loans for the above mentioned benefits.

Invest in life insurance:
Whether you are young or old, it is important to have life insurance as it proves to be a big financial support in the event of your death. This is an important step and a perfect financial investment for your family. The lump sum offered by the insurer would help your family lead a comfortable life in your absence. Apart from being an income support, life insurance supports payment of co-signed loans and manages burial expenses.

Divide yearly expenses into savings buckets:
If you don’t want to scramble to pay huge energy bills or holiday expenses or car repair charges then you must divide all your expenses into smaller savings buckets. It would help if you set up a savings account for each expense. For example, it is important to have car insurance, health cash plans, home insurance and direct debits for energy bills, etc. This would help you manage your finances and routine life in general.

Prepare your will:
Whether you are suffering from a terminal illness or not, you must write your will if you have minor children, pets, dependents or people you care for. Take some expert help to prepare a will and choose the beneficiaries who would take care of your belongings and loved ones. It is important to have this legal document ready so that your children and pets do not get abandoned in the event of your accidental death.

Check your beneficiaries:
You must have trustworthy beneficiaries for your financial accounts. These people should be reliable in every which way especially when you want someone who would care for your kids and pets. Some states in the country facilitate transfer of vehicles and real estate to the beneficiaries in the event of your death. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right people as the beneficiaries of your monetary investments. It is advisable to take some legal help to check and name your beneficiaries. It should be one of the ‘not to miss’ new year resolutions for you!

Cut down your energy bills:
Well, we all know that energy bills eat up the biggest chunk of our monthly budget. In a cold place like the UK, it becomes very important to invest in improving the energy efficiency of your home in order to get lower energy bills. Make sure that you switch to a cheaper energy supplier instead of renewing your existing energy tariff. Shop around to find the most suitable energy supplier and promise yourself to make some good savings in the upcoming year.

The above mentioned steps should be taken to ensure 2017 becomes a more productive and peaceful year for you.