MS Outlook is one of the most popular desktop email clients developed by Microsoft, which is being used for many IT professionals & organizations. The individual Outlook email can be easily dragged from any Outlook folder and dropped to any location on the system. This drag and drop process will create a MSG file of that email. MSG files are only used to store single Outlook email and its attachments and require MAPI email clients to view them. MS Outlook can easily open MSG files.
Sometimes, users prefer to convert these MSG files to PDF so that they can be easily viewed or safe sharing. These PDF files can be easily viewed by using Adobe applications on any mobiles, laptops etc. without using MS Outlook.

Let us now discuss the ideology of PDF files to understand how they differ from Outlook MSG files.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a portable file format, which allows an easy incorporation of text, images, hyperlinks, etc. This format allows the user to accurately view the documents as page-by-page as they appear in the printed form.

Some of the interesting features of PDF include:

  • PDF files can be easily viewed on any operating system irrespective of hardware differences.
  • PDF files can be shared in a secure manner as encryption is performed during file share.

Need To Convert MSG into PDF

  • MSG files are Binary Format files, so they can only be viewed by MAPI-email clients. However, it becomes quite difficult to access MSG files in case of Outlook failure as they can only be viewed in Outlook.
Due to this, the MSG files needs to be converted into other file formats such as PDF to have an easy access to these files.
  • In case of Outlook downtime, MSG files cannot be accessed by the users. It is advisable to convert MSG files into PDF files so that they can be used in such situations.

How to Convert MSG into PDF

The following methods can be used to convert MSG into PDF:

  1. Manual Approach

1. Open the MSG file in MS Outlook.
2. Go to File menu and click on Save As option.
3. Save the files as .html file in system.
4. Now, open the .html file in MS Word.
5. Save the file as .pdf file under Save As option.

User need to repeat the above process for every MSG file to convert it into PDF.

Limitations Of Manual Approach

  • Although the MSG files can be converted into PDF by the manual method, but each MSG files has to be processed individually for the conversion. Therefore, the same procedure needs to be done a number of times in case of many emails. The manual procedure, being a time-consuming procedure makes it infeasible for users to carry on conversion.
  • The attachments associated with MSG files cannot be retained using this procedure. Therefore, the users will not be able to access the attachment content after conversion.

  1. Automated approach

Better alternative is to use automated software available in the market, which allows an efficient conversion of MSG to PDF. One such software is MSG to PDF Converter that facilitates the conversion of batch MSG files into PDF in a single run. User can convert the MSG and the attached files such as word file, images into PDF with the help of the tool without any data loss.

The MSG to PDF Converter undergoes following steps for conversion:

  1. Run the MSG to PDF Converter from the installation location.

  1. Select the MSG files, which need to be converted into PDF. It allows user to choose different mail view styles.

  1. User can choose multiple emails to export them into PDF format. Right click on the selected

  1. items and select Export option.

  1. The scanning status of each MSG file is displayed to user.

  1. Once MSG file is converted, export completion message is displayed.

So, the complete MSG file is converted into PDF by using MSG to PDF Converter by following the above mentioned steps.


The article covers the scenario in which MSG file needs to be converted into PDF. The manual method along with automated technique has been illustrated systematically to guide users for the efficient file conversion procedure.

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Moving data from one email app to another is the need of today as users need to keep pace with the leading changes in technological trends. Despite having a plethora of email clients available in online market, Not every email app is suitable for every user. And a user has to be very wise in choosing the one, whether it for their personal or professional use.

Here in this article, we get to know about the two most popular email clients — Zimbra & MS Outlook and the reason and solution to import data from Zimbra to Outlook.

Zimbra Collaboration Server
Zimbra Collaboration Server is an open source and groupware application that has the features of consolidating multiple user accounts in single system. It’s a web based application that supports to manage emails, contacts, notes, tasks etc. of multiple user accounts in single utility. ZCS includes a server and client component along with desktop application.

Zimbra Desktop
Zimbra Desktop is a free AJAX based application that is easily supported by different platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux. Designed to help users manage their multiple user accounts in single interface, it also allows them to work in both online and offline mode. Which means you can access your emails, address book, tasks etc., once downloaded, without any internet connection. You need to go in online mode for synchronization only.

MS Outlook
MS Outlook is a part of MS Office Suite, which is a Personal Information Manager for all Windows users. The single application helps users in managing their emails, phone book, calendars, notes, journals etc. It can be used as a stand-alone application or in collaboration with MS Exchange and SharePoint Server, providing direct synchronization with these applications.

Why users opt MS Outlook over Zimbra Desktop?
For many users, Zimbra could be the ultimate email application. But there are some users who need to import their data from Zimbra desktop to Outlook due to varied reasons, some of which are:
  • Installation process of Zimbra is a lengthy and time consuming process.
  • Users need to sign-up for new Zimbra account before proceeding further.
  • Zimbra’s synchronization and responsive rate is so slow that sometimes users leave the process midway
  • Change in working environment require users to export Zimbra email to PST Outlook.
How to Import Zimbra to Outlook

For transferring all the data from Zimbra to Outlook, a few facts need to be taken into account, which are :
  • Zimbra supports TGZ format for saving all its mailboxes
  • Outlook creates a PST file for all its emails, contacts, notes, calendars information.
Now to import data from Zimbra to outlook, the Zimbra mailboxes need to be converted into PST format. And for this an effective and reliable third party application is required that will successfully import data from Zimbra desktop to Outlook PST file. Zimbra Converter is the perfect utility here that provides unified and precise Zimbra desktop to PST migration solutions.

Steps to be followed to import data from Zimbra to Outlook PST : 
  • First, Export Zimbra mailboxes in TGZ format, as described below : 

  • Second, unzip the TGZ files to extract all the Zimbra data in a folder
  • Third, Convert extracted Zimbra data folder into PST using Zimbra to PST Converter
The whole conversion process is a simple task for both technical as well as non-technical users. For complete tutorial of the software working process, please click the video link :

Prominent Features of Zimbra Migrator
  • Provides complete conversion of every Zimbra data item – emails, calendars, tasks, notes, briefcase etc., consolidated in a single PST file, one for every user mailbox.
  • Supports batch migration of Zimbra user accounts to Outlook, at once.
  • Perfect tool to import data from Zimbra to Outlook PST, Microsoft Exchange, Office365 and Google Apps
  • Maintains the accuracy of all the Zimbra mailbox folders after the conversion is over.
  • Capable to convert unlimited Zimbra files, sized upto 40+ GB, into PST file and that too without any data loss. Thus, it is perfect for large scale migration purposes.
Considering the complexities involved in Zimbra to Outlook migration process, it is always better to use an external tool for doing so. In my opinion, Zimbra Converter is the ideal choice here as the most appropriate application to import data from Zimbra desktop to Outlook PST.

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Nowadays, in this age when email clients have really taken a lot of importance in one’s life, then it is very important to have your email client working well in under various circumstances. You can take example of popular email clients such as Thunderbird & MS Outlook. Both these email clients are desktop based email clients which makes it easy for the user to read their email messages. When the use of email clients is on up then the importance of the file formats also increases. Every email client has a unique file format.

If we take a look at Thunderbird, then we know Thunderbird is an open source program which saves every information like messages, e-mail, configuration settings & address books of the user. This is among the most used email clients which is present in the market. All emails are saved in MBOX file format. This file format is also present in email clients of Mac email which are Apple Mail & Entourage.

Every messages & email data are saved in simple directory which is present out of the user’s directory. There is not only one email client to use which is Thunderbird, there are other email applications like MS Outlook.

According to a recent survey, MS Outlook is the popular email application & saves messages and emails in the PST file format. MS Outlook is more stable than Thunderbird, plus MS Outlook is sturdy. Thunderbird on the other hand is certainly behind if we take user’s popularity into consideration & because of these certain reasons users are looking to convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST.

It is not always easy migrate MBOX to PST file format, as it requires large data & the user would find it difficult to switch from one email client to another email client. Thunderbird is an open source & free application but it does not have many functionalities which are there in MS Outlook.

Few reasons of migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook:
  • There is no calendar integration
  • Lack of grouping contacts
  • It is a long setup to view message threads
  • No support for IMAP
  • Thunderbird does not have cross-program integration with applications of Microsoft
  • User cannot have complete preview of all the messages. User have to open single message
Thunderbird runs on various platforms such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS X & Vista but as you can see the reasons which are mentioned above make users convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST.

If the user is stuck on how to convert MBOX to PST Outlook, user should look for a way which can work without the need of software. The process is manual method which is helpful to solve the problem on how to convert MBOX to PST format.

Manual Method:
  • Launch your Thunderbird
  • Go to the folder you want to export
  • User can select individual email messages by pressing & holding ‘Ctrl’ & select all messages by ‘Ctrl +A’
  • Now, right click on chosen messages & then click on ‘Save As’ option
  • Save your chosen messages to your favourable folder & click on ‘Select Folder’ which will start exporting your messages
  • Now, open MS Outlook
  • Right click on the ‘Outlook’ & then click on the ‘New Folder’
  • Under the ‘Name’ section, enter a name for the folder & then click on ok
  • Select every email which can be exported from the Thunderbird with the help of Ctrl + A
  • Choose & drag every email to the pane of MS Outlook & then import every message to a new folder
  • Every email can be viewed after an effective import method
Manual method can be only useful in certain situations when the number of emails are limited. This method is not suitable for large data migration as this is not an apt solution to convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST.

Why Manual process is not a complete process?
  • The process is time consuming which means the user has to drag & drop every email which is a very tiring process
  • Images can get broken after the conversion
  • There is also a loss of data
The only way user can overcome these conversion issue only with the help of a third party application. There are many professional tools which are present to convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST.

Conclusion : 
Use SoftStella’s MBOX Pro, user would be able to convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST.

Click to get the software: Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST

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In this age of technology when there are so many email clients to choose from, there is actually no dearth of good email applications for the user. Most of the users are open to try these new email clients but they forget the most basic thing which is how they will transfer their current data to their new email client. Migration is a difficult task which requires in depth knowledge about email client & also about the conversion process. Now, if we compare the types of email clients, then we will get to know the most used types of email clients are web-based email clients & desktop email clients. Younger generation focuses more on using web based email clients & professional users work more on desktop email clients.

But every day the competition is getting stiff for the users which makes it difficult for the email client to survive if it does not get updated regularly. The two email clients which are used most by the consumer are Windows Live Mail & MS Outlook.

Windows Live Mail is a popular email client & is also used by many users worldwide but as mentioned above with the competition rising we can see that other email clients are taking over Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Mail falls under the freeware category. It is developed by Microsoft. The files in Windows Live Mail is saved in EML file format. EML is a simple file format which means that a single file is saved. EML files can be opened without Windows Live Mail which is a disadvantage as anyone can take benefit of your EML files. There is no security in EML files. The process to save EML files from Windows Live Mail is easy & EML files can be obtained with the drag & drop method.

Why users are looking for how to transfer files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook?
If we take into account many users have love & hate relationship with their email clients. It works according to us but the truth is that it makes us work.

MS Outlook when looked as a whole then it is a very powerful email client. It is a balanced email client which improves overall performance & the experience of the user is enhanced in many ways. MS Outlook can work with MS Exchange Server which is the biggest plus point MS Outlook has over other email clients. Outlook’s integration with other devices works well with the users. MS Outlook also provides export & import options which might be missing from other email clients. The user interface of MS Outlook is very simple to work on & easy to understand. There is also an integrated tasks, calendar presents in MS Outlook.

Methods for how to transfer files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook? 
There are two process for migration of Windows Live Mail to Outlook:
  • Manual Process
  • Third party EML to PST Converter
Manual process for how to export files from Windows Live Mail Below you can take look at the steps for the manual process:
  • Launch your Windows Live Mail & then move to File Menu then Export Option then to email data
  • Select MS Exchange from the options then on Next
  • Click Ok to complete the process
Note: This process can take lot of time which depends on the number of EML files you are converting.

Transfer Windows Live Mail to Outlook with EML to PST Converter You can try different software’s which are present for the conversion process but because they are priced much higher & offer complex process. If as a user you need professional tool to know how to transfer files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. The converter would provide accuracy which is not comparable.

Click on the link for more details : how to transfer files from Windows Live Mail to Outlook

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Why Backup?

We should always make backup of our files as they can be deleted or we can loose them any-time
due to any reason. Making a habit to create backup of files is the best thing to keep files safe and
secure. As we always cannot afford to loose our important data so we should make a habit to create
backup of every file.

Microsoft provides ntbackup utility to create backup of any file in Windows XP but in other
versions of Windows Operating System we don’t have in-build feature for backing up, we have to
download free NT5Backup.can utility for making bkf files. Both the utilities provides same features
and make backup file with .bkf extension.

How Windows Backup File Get Corrupted?

There are many reasons which makes our files corrupted. We can protect our files from getting
corrupt by keeping every software up-to-date, shutting down system properly, removing all expired
software, etc. This will help to keep out files safe and will remove some probability to get files
corrupt. Some of the reasons of corruptions are hardware/software issues, malware attack, out-dated
software, CPU malfunction and many more which makes our files corrupt.

Solution to Restore Corrupt Windows Backup Files:

If we look at the manual solution to restore corrupt windows backup file then we can again
download the and can try to restore windows backup files. But this is not the correct
solution to restore corrupt windows backup files and it is not even sure that files will get restored.
So the best and the easiest method to restore corrupt bkf files is to step forward towards third party
solutions. Best third party solutions is BKF Repair Software which is the most powerful and
marvellous software to restore corrupt bkf files. Lets find out the specifications of BKF Repair
Software so that we can learn more about it.


1) Supports Windows Ntbackup utilities and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec.
2) Supports all version of Windows Operating System. (Win 10, Win 8 and all below)
3) 100% Free from Virus and Bugs. TESTED
4) Supports 1GHz processor, 512 MB RAM
5) Doesn’t support data LOSS.

NOTE: If you are using this software in Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or Vista then please make sure to
launch the tool as “Run as Administrator”.

Why to use BKF Repair Software?

1) It doesn’t require any technical expertise to access the software.
2) Very simple to understand and run
3) Provides many features to users
4) It is 4 step repair software: Open—Scan—Preview—Restore
5) Free from any Virus and malware.
6) Helps to preview repaired files before extracting it.
7) Provides 3 different options to scan the files
8) User can extract files at there desired location.
9) Provides FREE Demo version before purchasing the full version.

You can also open bkf files in Windows 10 with the help of this software. Try the FREE Demo
version of BKF Repair Software and find out it’s features and understand the working of the tool
and then step forward towards the full licensed version of BKF Repair Softwrae which is at $89.

MSG file convert to PDF has become common for many users, especially for lawyers and attorneys nowadays. Due to such demands, many software companies came up with MSG to PDF Converter software applications to save MSG as PDF.

New web designers of today must account for handful of browsers while creating or designing a new website. Standards-based web design lead to most browsers into relative similarity with each other, but the opposite is the true where the email is concerned. Number of email clients are there including some of that have been around for decades. Large organizations which are slow to update companies still have employees relying on outdated clients like Outlook 2000 or Lotus Notes. Additionally, as compared to web clients, desktop clients are mostly used by the organizations. They are heavily tied to business office environment. While the market seems fragmented given the choices, actual usage is dominated by Outlook. But as mobile readership increases, desktop might suffer a slight decline.
Email application offers several features, some map perfectly to Outlook, and some may not. Some email clients offer calendars, some stick with just the fundamentals. At the end, what’s important is that you find an email client, which not only offers you what you need, which is so reliable and within your budget.

MS Outlook is one of the popular and widely used email application in the world of organization. But with more smaller-sized companies starts to migrate to other, cheaper, solutions a multiple users are finding email applications that handle the tasks, without the annoyances that over and over again accompany Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has been designed which can run on both the operating systems i.e. Windows OS as well as Mac OSX. All the Outlook message files are saved with .msg extension. Moreover, MSG file open without Outlook as no MS Outlook installation is required. But to make it more secure and safe, some users tries to take a backup of MSG file as PDF document because it is more reliable and secure to use.

Why Lawyers and Attorneys need to save Outlook MSG as PDF?

It is a common misconception that Adobe PDF files are just a collection of images, one per page. Certainly a PDF can be formed that way, but in reality the document structure is more complicated. A PDF document includes text streams (which can be compressed or encoded in multiple ways), vector and raster images, fonts and numerous interactive elements. Also PDF file comprises sections called “objects”. Objects are numbered individually and can represent a page, a font, a data stream and etc. The standard allows this so that the modifications can easily appended to the file, leaving the actual data intact. Any new or different object is attached in the last of the original file. Objects which gets deleted are left undamaged and just marked deleted. This can possibly cause unintentional disclosure of crucial information.

How to perform MSG file convert to PDF?
There are two methods to save MSG file as PDF

  1. Manual Method
  2. Third Party MSG to PDF Converter
Save MSG as PDF manually
If you have some important MSG files which you want to export in PDF format for the purpose of backup. Below are some steps which perform MSG file convert to PDF.
  1. Open Outlook and select the desired emails for conversion
  2. From menu bar, select the File tab and choose Save As option
  3. Select the location where you want to save the file
  4. Click on drop & down list of save as type and select HTML format
  5. Go to file location, and right click on the file and open the file by using MS Word
  6. Click on office button and select Save As option
  7. Then select Find add-ins for other file formats to save as PDF format.
Save MSG as PDF using MSG to PDF Converter
There are many email migration utilities are available, many of them quite pricey, which let you to convert MSG to PDF. But, if you are looking for quick and easy way to convert MSG files to PDF, then you can go with MSG to PDF Converter. A smart and effective tool for MSG file convert to PDF. This will not lead to data loss. All the information will be transferred exactly in the way they were before, means it will not affect the message formatting and metadata properties.
Steps to save MSG to PDF
  1. Download and install MSG to PDF on your system
  2. Select Source File/Folder for conversion
  3. Choose file naming option as per requirements
  4. Click on Save As and choose the destination path as per need
  5. Check Convert Attachment option if you want to convert MSG file attachment
  6. Check Enable black and white option if you want PDF file in black and white.
  7. Click on Convert
Some important features of MSG to PDF Converter
  • Simple and self-explanatory graphical user interface
  • Provides two options to save MSG file i.e. Select File to convert a single MSG file and Select Folder to convert complete MSG file folder.
  • Multiple file naming options. And auto-increment in file naming will automatically change the name of MSG file after conversion.
  • No MS Outlook installation is needed to convert MSG to PDF
  • Allow to choose the location as per requirement in order to save MSG as PDF
  • Include Convert Attachment option that eases the cumbersome process of converting Outlook msg file attachments to PDF
  • Also contain Enable Black and White option to make PDF file of black and white
  • All the rich-text formatting and

metadata properties will remain intact during the process

  • Supports all MS Outlook MSG file editions
  • Proficient with all version of Windows operating systems including Windows 10.

  • Please visit the following link for more information: MSG to PDF