The Purpose of CRB Checks

A CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check is something carried out to see if you are suitable to work in certain roles. There are two different checks that can be carried out including a Standard Disclosure and an Enhanced Disclosure.

A standard Disclosure will list any convictions, spent convictions, cautions, warnings and reprimands held on file at central records. They will also state if you have none at all. This allows employers to see whether or not they want to employ you and if it is safe too.

An Enhanced Disclosure is a more thorough check, like the Standard Disclosure it will list anything held on the central records. It will however also look at your suitability to work with vulnerable groups of people such as children, the elderly and those with learning difficulties. The chief of police is able to add any relevant notes to the disclosure and it will also state whether or not the person in question is banned from working with specific groups of people.

An individual seeking a CRB check is unable to do this themselves, it can only be obtained from a company or organisation that requires you to have one carried out. The Government have in the past looked into introducing a new scheme known as the ISA Vetting and & Barring Scheme. This idea behind it is to allow individuals to register themselves so that they can see for themselves if they are suitable to work with vulnerable groups. It has however been put on hold as they would like to come up with a better approach.

CRB checks have always had to go through a process in order for them to be completed effectively. In the past they have always been filled in manually on a paper based form. This proved to be a time consuming way of doing it as they were sent back if even the tiniest of mistakes was made on the form. Some places still choose to carry them out this way however they can be done online now too.

When working with vulnerable people it is paramount that their wellbeing and safety is your number one priority. It is therefore down to the employer to ensure that the people they employ undergo a CRB check to make sure they are suitable for the role. Failing to do so could put the people in your care at risk and even land you in trouble for being careless.