3 Top Tips For Terrific Blogging in 2015 and Beyond

Okay, let’s get one thing straight; you’ve probably had it up to here with these so called know-it-all’s telling you how you should write your content. Because after all, who are they to tell you how to put your articles together in the first place? Most of them are simply reworded versions of each other and after a while, they pretty much all cover facts that you already know about. We’re not saying that this little list is going to be any different but if you were looking for a few heads-ups that could well add some value to your words in 2015, you could do worse than cast your eyes over the next 3 or 400 words. Nothing ventured and nothing gained, please take a few minutes out of your hectic schedule and see if you pick up a trick or two that you may have previously overlooked, if not, have yourself an awesome 2015 anyway!

  • Write Timeless Copy – What’s that you say? Oh yes, we already broke this rule by mentioning the year 2015! But do as we say and not as we do and you’ll be okay! But seriously, remember that you are not writing for a newspaper, you are creating a valuable resource that will prove to remain as such for the foreseeable future. By avoiding timelines and such, you can weave your words around a piece of content that will stand up just as well in 5 years as it does today.
  • Your Content should be easy to Share - This has 2 meanings, firstly you should do all you can to allow the reader to share your good words with minimum effort. Thanks to the likes of WordPress and co, social sharing buttons are easy to add to your post or blog article. Use a plugin like DIGG DIGG and let your readers do the rest. The second point about sharing is to make your content good enough to make your audience actually want to do exactly that!
  • Be Persistent – Whist it may be true that your words will never grace the front pages of the New York Times, never give up! It’s cool to start your writing career by begging for guest post slots, that’s’ how we all start! But never shy away from upping those stakes when your words start to take on more weight. By reaching for the stars, you will always be aiming high and one day, who knows how far you will get?
  We hope you liked this alternative take on a rather well-worn theme, if you can try these out for yourself and maybe come up with a few of your own, perhaps this year will be even better than you ever imagined?  

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Phil Hall is a friendly blog owner who loves publishing your well written guest posts. You can read about more of his bright ideas & Click Here or visit http://citgo.ws/.


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Cool article - Will try these tips - Thanks!