5 Social Media names to look out for in 2015

Well 2014 was a pretty special year for social media, that much cannot be denied! Whether you use these awesome platforms for keeping touch with your buddies or plan your entire online marketing strategy around the, we can tell you that 2015 is going to be just as exciting! Over 300,000 apps were introduced within this ever-growing arena and even though the big boys will continue to dominate, a few newcomers are going to start kicking up a fuss. So we’ve found 5 of these bad boys and have written a small review about each of them, please take the weight of your feet for 5 minutes and enjoy the rest of the show!


If you have been looking for that special platform that helps you to build your brand by way of intelligent analytics, we reckon that Unmetric is going to make you smile, a lot! It takes all of your metrics into consideration and compares them with your closest rivals in a way that gives you both incentive and insight. You’ll also benefit from real-time alerts and pretty soon your rivals will be choking on your success!


Maybe voice content is the next big thing because Bubbly has taken this stick and certainly had a great run so far! Once you start sending your recorded messages complete with special effects to your friends, you’ll start to see how much fund this actually can be. Bubbly is very popular in Asia and Africa and perhaps 2015 is when USA and Europe come and join this rather loud party?


Absolutely huge in parts of Asia, line is also the world’s largest animated social network! This is essentially a messaging application and works very well indeed. You will get free international face time and if you are a little artistic you can have hours of fun creating some cool characters. You can also connect with the coolest of celebrities and if it takes of over here, you will soon be swept up in the whole Line-mania craze!


If you thought a secret sharing social media platform was a weird idea, try it out for yourself first! Whisper is all about entertaining and embarrassing and if you are interested in finding some rather saucy confessions with all the gory details, come and join Whisper because we think it will be massive by the end of 2015!

This is a great artificial intelligence platform that allows users to get hold of content that usually costs real currency. By using social sharing to buy favours, you can soon get your hands on some rather tasty titbits. You will also be able to promote your own content until the cows come home so if that is your bag, get into Sharewall in 2015!

We’ve shown you 5 awesome social media platforms that are bound to do well in 2015 so get on the gravy train now and beat your friends to it for once!

Author Bio :

Phil Hall has designed Social Media sites and always uses recommended plugins whenever possible.He also adores social media marketing and enjoys discovering new platforms on a regular basis.He also enjoys running an online discussion board, so check it out today!