Microsoft's got a new browser, and it's gunning for Google. Microsoft officially introduced its next-generation browser, code-named Project Spartan, at its coming-out party for Windows 10. Spartan would be treated as a new product separate from Internet Explorer, with Internet Explorer 11 retained alongside it for compatibility reasons.

Spartan will serve as the default browser on both the PC and mobile device versions of Windows 10. Spartan uses a new Edge layout engine forked from Trident that is designed for interoperability with the modern web. The new Edge engine will be used by default across Windows 10, and pages can be rendered in the previous MS HTML engine for backwards compatibility with enterprise-specific websites and software.

Different Benchmarks show that Spartan offers drastically improved JavaScript performance in comparison from Internet Explorer 11 , Google Chrome 41 and Mozilla Firefox 36.

Internet Explorer will remain available alongside Spartan on Windows 10. Spartan will be available first to early testers running Windows 10 Insider versions, and then to Windows Phones.

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